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What is a virtual terminal and where can I buy one?

15 December 2017 Product Information

A virtual terminal allows you to process payments remotely, either from customers over the phone, or by fax, letter, or email. It’s a web-based payment system that acts like an online card machine – you enter the customer’s details into the virtual terminal and within a few seconds the transaction goes through.

Great for businesses who operate remotely, or customers who don’t have access to the internet, a virtual terminal can allow you to expand your business and reach an entirely new audience.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how virtual terminals work and where you can get one, so you can take your business to the next level.

How does a virtual terminal work?

Virtual terminals are typically very user friendly, and the process for carrying out transactions is usually quick and efficient. You can access your virtual terminal wherever you have internet, using a laptop, tablet, mobile, or computer.

While each system will vary, depending on the provider, typically you’ll need to:

  • Log into your virtual terminal using your account details.
  • Enter the customer’s name and card details into the designated fields.
  • Submit the transaction and wait for confirmation.

You’ll also usually be able to enter shipping details if you’re posting a product to the customer, as well as decide whether you want to email or mail their receipt. Read about how to take card payments over the phone for a step-by-step breakdown.

What are the benefits of virtual terminals?

Because it allows you to process transactions in an alternative way, a virtual terminal can offer plenty of new benefits to your business:

  • Reach new customers: You can offer an instant payment solution for remote customers, so you no longer need to send invoices or process cheques.
  • Take payments flexibly: You can accept payments from anywhere you have internet access, allowing you to work wherever is convenient for you.
  • Make processes more efficient: It’s quick and simple to take payments through a virtual terminal, so you can speed up and streamline your cashflow.

Where can I buy a virtual terminal?

At Paymentsense, we can set up a virtual terminal for your business within 24 hours so it’s a matter of finding the package that suits your needs. All of our virtual terminal packages also come with a payment gateway without any extra costs. In this way you can take payments online or over the phone without having to pay extra. Get in touch and our friendly team can help you choose the right package for your business.

Why should I buy from Paymentsense?

We know how important it is for your business to keep things running smoothly, and so we provide an incredibly quick service to get your virtual terminal up and running – you can be ready to take payments as soon as 24 hours after your merchant account has been approved.

Our virtual terminal package includes everything you need, including a merchant account, payment gateway, top-level security, and online reporting. You can take payments from all major card providers, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and expand your market to accept payments in pounds, dollars, and euros.

We’ll also help you to improve your day-to-day routine, with quick wins like email receipts and multi-user access, so the little administrative tasks become that much easier and more efficient.

We offer competitive rates and provide 24/7 support to help you set up your virtual terminal and quickly resolve any issues that you might face, so you can get on with the things you need to do.


A virtual terminal is a modern and versatile payment solution that can allow you to expand your business and improve your everyday processes. With quick and simple set-up and user-friendly operation, it will open you up to a whole host of new opportunities.

Speak to one of our experts to find out more about how a virtual terminal can help your business, or get a free online quote today.

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