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Card readers for small businesses

Accept card payments from your customers with ease with a Paymentsense card reader. Not only are they speedy and secure, but they seamlessly connect to your till, too – so customers can pay at their table or at the counter in minutes.

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Discover our fast card readers

Taking payments is a breeze with our reliable and secure card readers. They take all card types, including contactless, and you get paid the next working day.


Take payments around your shop or at your tables

  • Uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Light and easy to carry


Take payments even if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection

  • Works over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
  • One charge lasts all day
  • Lightweight yet tough


Take face-to-face payments at the till

  • Works with Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  • Fast receipt printing
  • Simple to set up and use


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Secure card payments you can rely on

Our card readers accept contactless and chip and PIN payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and the Discover Global Network.

So give your customers the freedom to pay their way, whether that’s by tapping their smart device with Apple, Google or Samsung Pay or by inserting their card with chip and PIN. And best of all, it doesn’t matter which way they choose; they’ll be protected, and so will your hard-earned income.

Connect your card reader to your till for payments that flow

Fed up with reconciliation errors because your card machine and till aren’t in harmony? Are miskeying errors a big reason for lost profits? Well, not anymore. We’ve got a solution to sync your card machine to your till – it’s called integrated payments, and it means: 

  • You can let customers pay from the table or bar in your restaurant without reaching for the calculator.
  • No more keying in transaction amounts twice. Once it’s selected on your till, it pushes the same figure to your card reader. 
  • Reporting just got easier. Because there’s less room for error, everything just adds up.

Our card readers integrate with over 600 EPOS providers. Find out more about how to get started here.

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Setting up your card reader is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Get your free, no-obligation quote

Tell us a bit about you and we’ll quote you based on your business needs.

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Get set up in 3 days

We’ll get you up and running quickly so your customers will be tapping and swiping in a flash.

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Get paid next working day

We transfer your takings to your bank account the next working day.

Choosing the right card reader for your business

Card readers, card machines, PDQ machines – they’re all different names for the thing that gets you paid. But it’s not always obvious which type you need. We have 3 types of card readers to choose from. Which one you pick depends on how you’ll be using it. 

Countertop card readers: Ideal for retailers, these card readers stay fixed to your till with an Ethernet cable. They’re reliable and speedy, and perfect for payments in one place. 

Portable card readers: Need payments around your premises? Don’t be bound by cables; use Wi-Fi portable card readers and collect payments from customers from their table or outdoors in your garden or terrace. 

Mobile card readers: Get paid any time, any place. Mobile card readers use mobile connectivity to get you paid where Wi-Fi is hard to find. That means you can now get paid on the road or up and down the country – freedom without wires. 

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Need help choosing a card reader?

Our friendly team can help you choose the best card reader for your business.

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How much does a card reader cost?

When it comes to trading, no two businesses are the same. So why should their rates be? We’ll work alongside you to understand what your business needs and tailor your card processing rates accordingly. You can speak to a friendly customer service advisor to get your free no-obligation quote today.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll get you card reader in just 3 days. Our card readers work straight out of the box, so you’ll be getting paid in no time. They all accept all major credit and debit cards securely (like Visa, Mastercard and American Express) as well as the latest technology such as contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Which means you never have to turn a payment away.


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Why choose Paymentsense?

Here’s why more than 70,000 small business owners like you use Paymentsense.

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Free to set up

With no set up costs, low monthly rental and transaction rates based on how much you take in card payments, we could save you money.

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Plug in and go

We know time is money, so we never waste yours. You’ll get your card reader  in 3 days – just plug it in and you’re off.

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24/7 tech support

Our award-winning tech support team is available 24/7. They’re a friendly bunch whose mission is to make things easy for you.

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Till meets reader

Integrated payments lets your card reader and till talk to each other for faster cashing up. And we include it in the price.

Why wait? Take card payments in just 3 days

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If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ll want your guests to be able to pay from the comfort of their table when settling the bill. This calls for a portable card reader; it uses Wi-Fi, so it has no cables to tie you down. And you can take contactless and chip and PIN payments around your premises.

If you’re a retailer that only accepts card payments in one place, you’ll need a countertop card reader for fixed till-side payments. They connect to an Ethernet cable and use your broadband or telephone connection for speedy, reliable payments. 

With your Paymentsense card reader, you can accept all major credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and even the Discover Global Network of cards, including Diners Club.

The only difference between mobile and portable card readers is where you want to take them. Need to get paid outside of your usual HQ? On the road in your taxi or from home to home after giving walls a fresh lick of paint? You can’t rely on Wi-Fi, so you’ll need a 3G/4G connection. 

And even if you’re dotting about your pub or restaurant, your Wi-Fi may not stretch to your outdoor seating area. In which case you should switch to your mobile SIM card. 

If you only want payments inside your usual business locations, at diner’s tables or the salon chair, then a portable card reader is fit for the job.

The short answer is yes. All of our card readers are built with end-to-end encryption to protect your customers’ card data from fraud. This level of protection is in line with PCI compliance too.