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Don’t keep your customers waiting at the till. With our portable card machines you can be taking secure payments on the move in 3 days. And they come with great rates, too.

Free your card machine from your counter

  • 100m range using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Clear, backlit display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Secure transactions
  • Fast receipt printing
  • Free weekly reports
  • Talks to the till for quick cashing up
  • Takes all cards, plus contactless
  • Get paid next working day
£Free set up

Start using your portable card machine in as little as 3 days.

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Connect your card machine to your till

Your card machine and till don’t need to be strangers. You can easily connect our countertop card machines to your point of sale system using cloud technology. This simple connection is called integrated payments and it allows you to take quicker, smarter payments. And the best bit? It’s all part of our service.

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Fast payments

With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice. Say hello to faster payments and shorter queues.

Zero Errors.svg
Zero errors

Chargebacks and costly mistakes are bad for business. Integrated payments does away with errors caused by miskeyed transactions.

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Simple reports

No more cashing up headaches. Your sales transactions will add up, saving you time. And our free weekly reports help you keep business on track.

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We’re always upfront with you

Forget set-up fees, we’ll do it for free. And you’ll get your portable card payment machine in as little as 3 days.

The cost of your monthly card machine services will depend on how many portable card readers you use. Your card processing fees are charged per transaction and based on card types (debit and credit) and card turnover.

The higher your card turnover, the better your rate is likely to be. And we make this clear on your bill.

Want a more exact figure? Get started by telling us a few details and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.

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Need some help before deciding?

Our friendly team can help you choose the best portable card machine for your business.

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Why choose Paymentsense?

Here’s why more than 70,000 small business owners like you use Paymentsense.

Free to setup.svg
Free to set up

With no set up costs, low monthly rental and transaction rates based on your total card payments, we could save you money.

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Plug in and go.svg
Plug in and go

We know time is money, so we never waste yours. You’ll get your card machine in 3 days – just plug it in and you’re off.

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Till meets machine

Integrated payments lets your card machine and till talk to each other for faster cashing up. And we include it in the price.

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Safe and secure

Our card machines come with point-to-point encryption. It’s the world’s best security and means your customer data is secure.

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This depends on how you run your business. If you need to take payments at your till then a countertop machine is ideal. If you need to take payments at the table or at other locations inside your business then a portable card machine works best. And if you run your business on the go then a mobile card machine will keep your business moving all day long.

It depends on what type of card machine you need, how many machines you need and how much money you’ll be taking with card payments each year. Tell us a bit about your business and someone from our helpful team will get in touch with a free personalised quote.

All our card machines come with the latest technology, like contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay – we’ll tap into whatever comes along. And you’ll be able to take every type of debit and credit card with ease. American Express? Absolutely? Visa or Mastercard? Of course. Diners Club? It’s just a tap away.

To connect your card machine to your till, you’ll need something called integrated payments. It’s a simple way for your card machine and your till to talk to each other using secure, cloud-based software. It saves time, there’s less chance of mistakes and it makes cashing up at the end of the day a breeze. Need more convincing? We’re the only ones to not charge you extra for this essential card payments service.