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Mobile card payments and how they can benefit your business

15 October 2018 Product Information

If your business takes you out and about, then a mobile card machine will be right up your street (or any road where business takes you).


For businesses that travel to people’s homes, offices, markets, trade shows and special events, a mobile card reader can open new opportunities. Offering customers a fast, secure payment option is proven to enhance your professional image, speed up transaction times and increase revenue.


That’s because people now expect the option to pay by card. There are over 119 million payment cards circulating in Britain and their popularity shows no sign of slowing. By 2027, cash is predicted to make up just 16% of all payments. Even for small items – a single banana or a coffee – people now prefer cards to cash.


Your customers are going cash free. And if you’re not ready, then they’ll just go elsewhere. So a mobile card terminal makes sound business sense. But how do they work, and how can they benefit you? Let’s take a closer look.


What is a mobile card reader?

It’s the ultimate in mobile payment technology: a card machine with a built-in GPRS SIM so you can take card payments wherever you have a mobile signal.

It works like any other card machine, accepts all major credit cards and payments via Chip & PIN and contactless, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our mobile card reader is lightweight, robust and splashproof – ideal for ever-changing British weather.


How mobile card payments can benefit your business


The freedom to take payments. Anywhere.

Mobile card readers differ from their countertop and portable terminals: they don’t need an internet or wifi connection to process payment. You can even take payments during a power cut. The long-life battery lets you take hundreds of payments on a single charge.


And while trendy new mobile card readers are appearing, many need extras, such as a tablet to process payments and a separate printer for receipts. Our mobile card machine is entirely self-contained, complete with a receipt printer, and needs only a few moments to set-up.


Don’t carry cash. Carry security.

Another attraction of mobile card readers is security.


Carrying large amounts of cash around is a worry. (And carrying large amounts of loose change around is always a hassle.) A mobile card machine frees you from both.


Less cash also means less dash: you’ll need fewer bank runs to deposit the day’s takings before 3pm.


Instead, the details of every transaction are securely encrypted and funds automatically transferred to your Merchant Account. From there, it takes 3 – 5 working days to process and transfer funds to your business account.


With card payments, you’re guaranteed to be paid without dispute. And all transactions are covered for fraud by the issuing bank, protecting you and your customer.


No stalling for stallholders

A mobile card reader makes light work of even the longest queue as contactless and Chip & PIN transactions are much faster than cash.


Slow queues are off-putting for customers, which can be bad for business. Not offering card payment is also bad for business: 45% of customers admit to walking away empty-handed if they can’t pay by card. Simply displaying a sign that shows you can take card payments has been shown to help increase footfall and spend.


Support for your business, when and wherever needed

Along with our mobile card readers comes great support for your business. We’re on call

24/7 to help ensure you don’t lose sleep over getting paid.


We offer a superfast setup and can have you ready to accept mobile card payments in just three days. Everything you need comes in one box, and it won’t take more than a few moments to set up your mobile card reader following a few on-screen prompts.


If your terminal stops working, we’ll have a replacement with you in 24 hours. And we offer a range of bolt-on services that make running business that little bit easier. They include:


  • Auto roll replacement. The machine detects when you’re running low on till roll and orders a new box before you run out.
  • Weekly Performance Reports. Monitor sales figures, manage stock and promotions with these handy reports.
  • Client Line. Monitor all your transactions in one place using this online dashboard.
  • PCI Phone Validation. We’ll take care of PCI compliance for you.


Ready to get going?

If you’re sold on the idea of a mobile card reader for your business, why not take a few moments to get an online quote?


By asking a few questions about your business (such as your size, turnover, and transaction volume) we can give you a fast, accurate online quote. Just click here to get going with a mobile card terminal.

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