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Wireless Credit Card Machines Explained

4 June 2018 Product Information

A portable/wireless credit card machine can provide your business with a more convenient and professional payment service solution that your customers will appreciate. Enabling you to process payments any where within and around your premises, wireless machines are especially popular in bars, cafes, and restaurants.

How do wireless credit card machines work?

Portable card machines operate via built-in Bluetooth capability, and connect wirelessly to the internet to process customer card transactions. Once the terminal has read the customer’s card, the device connects to the card-issuing bank to check if the account has sufficient funds to complete the payment. Once authorisation is received, the payment is complete, and you can give your customer the option to print a receipt.

While the transaction usually takes just a few seconds to complete, it’s quite common for the payment to take a few working days to land in your account.

Benefits of a wireless credit card machine

Investing in wireless card machine provides several benefits for you and your customers:

  • Let your customers sit back and relax, as you conveniently process payments at their table, in the beer garden, or at the bar away from the till.
  • Give your customers the flexibility to pay via Chip and PIN, contactless, Apple Pay or Android Pay.
  • Lightweight and easy to use, the wireless device can be transported around your business with a range of up to 100m.
  • Long-life battery enables you to process payments for hours without the need for charging.
  • 24/7 telephone support, with broken terminals replaced within 24 hours.
  • With the latest fraud detection and security checks, both you and your customers have peace of mind when it comes to paying securely.
  • Easy to set up, the terminal can be live within minutes of being taken out of the box.

Which businesses are using wireless credit card machines?

The portable nature of wireless card machines has meant they’ve been adopted by the hospitality industry on a large scale, with small, medium, and large bars, restaurants, and pubs taking advantage of the technology.

They have also become popular in department stores and smaller shops, as they enable staff to be much nimbler when it comes to multi-tasking around their store.

How much does it cost to get a wireless card reader?

A wireless card reader is an affordable payment solution for businesses of all sizes. The cost of the device and monthly fees depends on usage and business type.

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