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A guide to small business mobile card machines

12 October 2018 Product Information

When we think of shopping, we tend to think of high streets or out-of-town retail parks. Yet this is only part of the picture. Around Britain, thousands of business owners take their business to where their customers are. Some go to markets, others to festivals, some to specific events (such as conferences). And, of course, there are those who travel to people’s homes – such as tradespeople, hairdressers and beauticians. And all of them could benefit from using a Paymentsense mobile card machine.


Mobile or portable?

There are mobile card machines and portable card machines. So what’s the difference?

Portable card machines let staff take payments on the shop floor. However, they’re usually limited to a 100-metre radius from a router.

With a mobile card machine, that range extends right across Britain. That’s because mobile card machines contain pre-installed SIM cards, so wherever you have a mobile signal, you have an opportunity to take payment. A mobile card machine doesn’t just offer convenience, but also opportunity. All that stops you from making your passion pay is your imagination.


What to look for when choosing a mobile card machine?

We’ve seen an explosion of  small business card machines over the past few years. Many are easy to operate, with sleek contemporary designs. But rather than looking solely at the design, it’s better to look at the service behind the device. And when we look closely, we discover there are several trade-offs.

  • Many charge higher fees than dedicated payment processing companies.
  • Along with this, the terminals and supporting software are limited in use. For instance, they’re unable to accept card payments online or over the phone. And don’t forget – you’ll need to buy a tablet to use the card machine’s app, and keep it charged all the time.
  • In fact, to turn a trendy-but-limited card machine into a full point-of-sale system, you’ll need to buy a whole series of add-ons, including a cash drawer, receipt printers, barcode scanners and more. Little by little, they add up to extra business costs and a lot of hassle.


The benefits of a Paymentsense mobile card machine.


Everything you need to accept mobile payments comes in a single box.

  • We include the till roll, base station/charger, an Ethernet cable (for when you’re not on the road) and more. All you need to take payments is a mobile network signal.
  • Our mobile card machine is robust, yet light in the hand. There is a detailed colour display and large keys (handy for customers with poor eyesight), easy, intuitive operation and a built-in receipt printer – one of the fastest available. And, of course, it features exceptional battery life: you can take payments all day (and night) without worrying about running out of power.
  • And whether your customers pay via card (your machine accepts all major cards), phone (Apple Pay and Android Pay) or Contactless, our mobile card machine is ready to accept these new and growing payment methods.


Service with a speedy smile

We don’t waste a second when it comes to set-up. We can have a card machine with you in just three days (incredibly, it can still take banks weeks to do the same). And because it works straight out of the box, you’re looking at three days from signing up to taking payment. And should you have any queries, our helpful UK-based support staff are on call 24-7.


Crowd-powered savings

Over 70,000 of Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses trust us with their payments. We use this clout when dealing with banks. Our collective size means we can negotiate great deals and pass the savings on to our customers, helping us keep our rates nice and low.


We won’t keep you or your customers waiting

To see how a mobile card machine can benefit your business, get in touch today for more information and a personalised quote.

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