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Small Business Card Machine Costs & Monthly Fees

12 October 2018 Product Information

What kind of card machine is best for your business – and what will it cost?

More people are embracing the convenience of card-based payments, with numbers skyrocketing since the introduction of contactless. People like cards. They’re easy to carry and offer obvious safety advantages over cash. And they make transactions a doddle – 78% of all retail sales are now paid by card. Customers increasingly expect to be offered a card payment option. And if it’s not there, they’ll leave: 45% of customers have left premises empty-handed because they’ve been unable to pay by card. So if you don’t want to lose out on sales and loyalty, it makes sound business sense to put a card machine at the heart of your business.


Three types, one benefit

All our small business card machines come with the same functionality and a monthly rental fee (renting ensures you receive the latest machine, packed with up-to-date technology and security features). Each accepts payments using Chip & PIN, Contactless and both Apple Pay and Android Pay. They all work straight out of the box, taking just a few moments to set up.  All feature a crisp colour display, high-speed receipt printing, and each is splashproof. But if they all offer the same functionality, then what’s the difference? Each card machine we offer has a different level of portability.


This is the most popular card machine, and you’ve probably seen them in supermarkets and chain outlets. Now, small businesses can enjoy the convenience that they offer. As the name suggests, they’re designed to sit on a counter making them ideal for businesses with a fixed point of sale. The devices plug directly into your phone line / broadband connection. They’re ideally suited for retail businessessalons and take-aways.


They’re identical in build and functionality to countertop machines, only with added Bluetooth /wifi technology that liberates card machines from the countertop. Now you can take payment to your customers. It’s lightweight, yet the battery delivers heavyweight, all-day performance making it ideal for cafesrestaurants, pubs and bars.


Featuring the same functionality as countertop and portable machines, the biggest difference here is the inclusion of a SIM card. Mobile card machines are ideal for anyone whose business is on the move – taxis, market traders, couriers and tradespeople can accept easy, effortless payment while out and about. All that’s needed is a mobile network reception. Robust casing and a long-life battery ensure it’s always ready, in all conditions.


Small Business Card Machine Costs

Card machine rental starts at just £15 a month. That said, there are a number of variables that will influence the cost – such as your turnover, and the number and kind of machines you need. Click here for a quick, accurate online quote now.


Wave goodbye to set-up fees

Some payment companies charge set-up fees. Not us. We believe that small business needs all the support it can get, so we waive our set-up fees – saving you up to £100. Say goodbye to an unnecessary cost, and get off to a great start.


A Merchant Account designed to leave you better off

To use a card machine you also need a Merchant Account. And guess what: we’ll give you one for free. Merchant Accounts act like an extra security measure for your business by ensuring payment can be fulfilled by the customer. If funds are available, the Merchant Account approves the transaction and transfers the money to your business bank account (minus any transaction fees). This process takes 2-3 days.

Interchange fees

This payment is made by your acquiring bank to the cardholder’s bank every time a card payment is processed. Interchange fees cover the cost of processing payments quickly and securely and ensure that the retailer receives the payment promptly. There may be other additions to this charge that are calculated according to factors like card type, location and transaction volumes.


Minimum monthly service charge

This is the minimum fee which will be applied by an acquiring bank where their merchant service charges (MSC) total less than the minimum monthly service charge (MMSC). For example, with an MSC of £17.50 for one month and a MMSC of £20, an acquirer would make a charge of £20 for the month. The good news is that, as businesses grow, they are less likely to have to pay a MMSC.


PCI DSS compliance fee

The PCI Compiance or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) fee is a small, monthly fee – and necessary for any business accepting card payments. It’s an industry standard security measure that helps prevent card fraud. PCI DSS was created by major U.S. card networks (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa).


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What we’ve covered are some of the basic costs of using a card machine. We can give you an exact price online once we know a few details about your business. Card machines are just one way that your business can accept card payments. With our Payment Gateway you can take payment from your website, over the phone and even by email. To find the right machine and package for you, click for an online quote today. It could turn out to be a very profitable call.

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