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Paymentsense is opening a Bristol office, and we need talent to fill it!

6 January 2020 Company News

Bristol’s tech industry is booming. There’s no two ways about it. It’s even earned the nickname Silicon Gorge in more recent years. And a big part of its success stems from its long history of challenging conventions, and constantly being at the forefront of creativity and innovation. 

So, when it came to finding a city for Paymentsense’s next contact centre, Bristol seemed like a natural fit. Our new contact centre opens in Bristol city centre in March and we need first class Customer Service Advisors and Customer Service Team Leads to take the helm. Not only to provide outstanding customer service to make payments painless, security simple and compliance easy for our customers. But also to help us build a new and exciting place to work. 

We’re not your ordinary financial services business either, we’re extraordinary…at least that’s what Best Company thinks. We’ve just been awarded a maximum three out of three stars for our extraordinary commitment to workplace employee engagement, no biggy!

So if you’re looking for a customer service role where you’ll be appreciated, rewarded and listened to, in a company where hierarchy won’t hold you back, we’ve got you. 

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