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Our people don’t play by the rules, they make the rules. Challenging norms and breaking boundaries. Refusing to take no for an answer. Because at Paymentsense we don’t sit back and go with the flow. We’re ‘doers’ driven by shared passion to go above and beyond. To make payments painless, security simple and compliance easy for our customers. 

So if you’re looking for a customer service role where you’ll be appreciated, rewarded and listened to, in a company where hierarchy won’t hold you back, we’ve got you. 

Our new contact centre opens in Bristol city centre in March and we need first class Customer Service Advisors and Customer Service Team Leads to take the helm. We’re not looking for the ordinary. We’re after the ones who stand out, with fire in their bellies, light behind their eyes, a spring in their step and brains that burst with ideas.

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Don’t pour your heart and soul into making your boss look good.
At some huge company, where you’re just a little fish.
The kind of place where hierarchy holds you back.

Work somewhere where passion gets you noticed.
Brings your ideas to life.
Gets you ahead.
Puts more in your pocket.
And rewards you for your blood, sweat and tears.

We’re not looking for the ordinary.
Or people who think good is good enough.

We’re after the ones who stand out.
With fire in their bellies.
Light behind their eyes.
A spring in their step.
And brains that burst with ideas.
It doesn’t matter if you love programming or ping-pong.
Business development or boxing.
Finance, fitness, HR or horticulture.
As long as you give a shit about something.

So stick a finger to the status quo.
Be a rule breaker.
A risk taker.
And a change maker.

Say goodbye to the commonplace.
And hello to a different place.
Where standards are smashed.
Glass ceilings are shattered.
And your imagination matters.
So if you’ve got an open mind, we’ve got an open door.

Paymentsense. Making passion pay.

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Say goodbye to the common place. And hello to a different place.

I love the people and the relaxed but hardworking vibe at Paymentsense. It makes coming to work easy!” - Jodie, Customer Service Team Lead - Hull


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