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Online Payment Gateway – how much does it cost?

12 October 2018 Product Information

When we think of card payments, we tend to think of card machines and the convenience they offer us. Yet they’re not the only way to accept card payments.


payment gateway lets your business take card payments from a variety of sources: from your website, over the phone and even by email. By using one, you can offer your customers even more ways to do business with you – and that means you have even more chances of making a sale.


Better still: with a Payment Gateway, you can be ready to accept card payments in 24 hours. It’s the fastest way to start accepting card payments from customers.


One gateway. Three ways to pay.

Let’s take a closer look at the payment options a Payment Gateway opens for you.



When added to your website, our Payment Gateway acts like an online card machine. It creates a secure page that connects your customer’s bank account with your Merchant Account, while wrapping the transaction in layers of encryption. Our Payment Gateway is the industry’s most reliable, with a record of 100% uptime. Furthermore, we’ll provide ready-made code to ensure it simply plugs into any of over 40 leading ecommerce carts.



Also known as a Virtual Terminal, phone-based payments are an essential back-up. What’s more, they’re also forecast to increase as not everyone is comfortable entering their bank details online. Meanwhile, others prefer the discretion of paying over the phone. And should your website encounter any problems, then phone payments still enable you to make a sale.



This is the ultimate in discrete payment methods. It lets you create and send payment links in seconds with our online portal. You can track the progress of your transaction, and follow up late-paying customers with a click of a button.


How much does a Payment Gateway cost?

The price you’ll pay depends on your turnover. We have three packages available depending on transaction value, so there’s bound to be one for you, no matter what size your business. Our lowest package starts at £8.30 per month based on a yearly contract. See the full pricing here.


If you’d like to start using a Payment Gateway, then click here and we’ll have you ready to accept payments online in under 24 hours.

Why wait? Take card payments in just 3 days.