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Benefits of using a mobile card machine to accept payments

15 October 2018 Product Information

Not every business needs a shop, office or workshop. In fact, there are millions of people whose base may be a spare room, the corner of a bedroom or a garage.

This is Britain’s army of tradespeople: electricians, plumbers and decorators; taxi drivers, artisans, crafters and those who travel to markets, trade fairs and the like to sell goods and services.

At Paymentsense, we believe that payments shouldn’t be difficult for anyone, even if you’re out on the road. Which is why we offer a mobile card machine to support these truly independent businesses.


Set your business free with a mobile card machine

A mobile card machine gives your business unlimited freedom. Ours includes a GPRS SIM, which lets you take payment anywhere where there’s a mobile signal – and that may also help free your imagination…

A bookshop on a barge? A mobile record shop in the Scottish Highlands? A pop-up reflexology rest on the top of Snowdon? Sure, why not? Wherever you can find a phone signal, you can find an opportunity.

But let’s say that you do have premises – a shop, for instance. With a mobile card machine, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your wares on the road to markets, trade shows and special events, such as a festival. It’s a way to expand your business without having to expand your overheads.


Why choose a Paymentsense mobile card machine?

You’ve probably noticed lots of cool little payment devices and gadgets appearing. Yes, they’re small and yes they’re very portable. However, they’re also very limited. Many can’t print receipts. (Ours can, and even comes with a free till roll.) You’d also need to invest in a tablet and sync them up to process payments.


All you need to process payments in one unit

With our mobile card machine, you don’t need to invest in any other equipment. It does everything you need. You can accept all major credit cards and take payment by contactless or Chip & PIN. You can print receipts for customers straight from the terminal itself.


A mobile card reader designed for real life

The unit is lightweight yet robust. It’s splashproof (handy for the British weather), and features a long-life battery so you can take payment all day (or night) long. And a mobile card machine means you can process payment immediately so you’ll have funds in your account within 3 – 5 working days.


The fastest way to pay

Mobile card machines are the fastest way to take payment. Contactless cuts through queues like a knife through butter. And even Chip & PIN for larger transactions is quicker than cash. Your queues go down. Your reputation goes up. Fast, prompt service is always appreciated by customers.


Takes a weight off your mind (and your pockets)

A mobile card machine is more convenient and secure than cash. Using a card machine will reduce the amount of cash you’ll need to store and carry around. You’ll feel safer, and possibly lighter: there’s always one customer who’s keen to rid themselves of piles of loose change.

A card machine can also free you from the end-of-day bank rush to deposit money before 3pm. Instead, you can spend more time focused on your business and your customers.


Secure, plain-sailing payments

By using a card machine you’re guaranteed to be paid without dispute (and who doesn’t appreciate that?). You’re also covered against fraud by the issuing bank, further protecting you and your customer. A mobile card machine has further security benefits. Every transaction is encrypted and 3D security, a further measure created by card issuers, asks cardholders for extra security details to further reduce fraud.

So a card machine isn’t just a convenience for your customers, it’s also a reassurance. And that’s proven to have a beneficial effect on how your business is perceived.


How much does a mobile card machine cost?

It varies. Factors such as the size of your business and transaction volume can influence the cost of using a mobile card machine.

We can give you an accurate quote within minutes. Click here for an online quote – all you need do is answer a few questions about your business.

If you order a mobile card machine, we’ll have one with you in three working days. Everything you need – the card machine, base station, charger, leads, till roll, and more is in one box. It takes just a few moments to configure the machine when first switched on and then you’re good to go.

Literally, anywhere.

Why wait? Take card payments in just 3 days.