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Ingenico Card Machine Types & Features

6 December 2018 Product Information

We’ve seen an explosion of new card machines recently, coming in all shapes and sizes. But don’t be fooled by looks alone. What really matters is functionality, and the Ingenico card machines we offer all have this by the bucketload. After all, Ingenico has more than 35 years experience, becoming the partner of choice for all major acquiring banks and 70% of the world’s leading retailers. (Not to mention 70,000 of our customers.)

They lead the field with an impressive commitment to research and development and are actively exploring the future of payments technology. Ingenico also lead in making payments secure. Their Point-to-Point encryption service was one of the first initiatives to receive industry accreditations, and they still continue to set and exceed industry standards today.


An introduction to Ingenico card machines

Ingenico manufacture three kinds of card machine.


All come with the very latest software and security features and accept Chip & PIN, MagStripe and Contactless payments (including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay). Their Portable and Mobile card readers have specially-developed batteries that deliver day-long performance, and for days on end. We configure our Ingenico card machines so they work with your till or EPOS right out of the box. Just switch the unit on, follow a few on-screen prompts and you’re good to go.


Ingenico countertop card machine

These are best for businesses with a fixed till or EPOS on a counter. Barbers, boutiques, bakeries (and businesses beginning with other letters) can benefit from this card reader.

It has a compact footprint, backlit keypad, and a crisp colour LCD display for fast and intuitive use. Large keys and visual prompts help simplify transactions and reduce PIN-entry errors.

Plus, if your internet connection goes down you can plug a countertop machine directly  into your phone socket to stay connected and keep the sales coming.


The Ingenico portable card machine

Why be tied to your till? With a portable card reader, you’re free to take payment to your customers, which makes this a great choice for restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.

Connect it to your wifi or Bluetooth and you can take payment straight from the table, reduce waiting times and turn tables faster than ever.

It features an extended-life battery capable of lasting several days between charges (depending on use). The compact design also includes a fast receipt printer, and large, backlit keys making it easy and accurate to use.


The Ingenico mobile card machine

Our mobile card machine is handy for businesses that travel to trade shows, events or  markets.

It has a built-in SIM card, so wherever you find a mobile signal you’re good to take payments. This card reader really is like being able to carry your business in your pocket. Along with 3G, the Ingenico mobile card machine can connect using GPRS, Dual SIM, Bluetooth and wifi – we have every payment possibility covered.

While it may be compact, it’s packed with features. These include the same extended-life battery capable found in our portable card reader, a sharp colour screen, wide, backlit keys, robust casing and a fast receipt printer.


Start taking card payments in just three days

If you’re new to card payments, we can have you up and running with any of our card machines in three working days.

You’ll receive an Ingenico card reader with all connectors, power units, leads and a Supervisor card (which you’ll need for end-of-day reconciliations and to issue refunds).

We also have a technical support team on hand to speak with 24/7 for queries and help with using your card machine. And if it ever needs replacing, we’ll have one with you within 24 hours. You can find further information here.


How much will it cost to take card payments?

There’s no single answer to this as each business is different. Your turnover, annual number of transactions, number and kind of card machine all effect what you’ll pay in monthly costs. Find more information here or for a fast, accurate quote, click here. We’ll help you choose the right card machine for your business and include the rental cost and transaction fees (usually a small percentage of each transaction) in our quote.


Help for those looking to switch payment provider

If you’re already using a payment provider but are unhappy with their service, we could help. If there are penalties for ending your contract early, we could provide you with £3,000 towards costs.

It’s just one of the many ways that we help small business thrive.

Why wait? Take card payments in just 3 days.