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How to choose the right card machine for your business type

21 February 2017 Product Information

These days, it’s almost impossible for any business to survive without accepting card payments. It’s predicted that in 2018, more than 75% of all face-to-face payments will be made with credit or debit card. This means that if you haven’t adapted your business to today’s payment landscape, you could easily miss out on sales from all the consumers that don’t use cash. And by 2024, the number of cashless payments in the UK is estimated to reach a staggering 16 billion, generating around £718 billion in card payments alone.

If you’re not sure where to begin, or if you’re experiencing problems with your current payment device, here is a guide that will help you find the card machine that’s most suitable for your business type.


card machines for small businesses

The countertop card machine

The Countertop Card Machine is ideal for retail shops, hairdressers and cafés — or anywhere customers are likely to pay from a fixed point. They’re fast, reliable and can connect to both the phone line and broadband, so if you lose connection in one, you’ll always have a backup you can rely on. They are extremely easy to setup and ready to use straight out of the box.

The portable card machine

The Portable Card Machine might suit you if your business needs to take payments in different locations on your premises. Typical examples of this are restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops and hairdressers — but they’re great for any business that needs to take payments around or just outside the business premises.

Portable terminals are lightweight and compact enough to be carried around easily, and their LCD screens and backlit keypad make them easy to use in low light like a bar. They’re also easy to set up and ready to use straight out of the box.

The base unit connects to your phone line or broadband connection the same way as a countertop card machine does, and the wireless connection works up to 100 metres which is enough to cover restaurants or pubs with outer seating spaces.

The mobile card machine

Mobile card machines are similar to portable card machines in terms of design and function, but the major difference lies in its ability to accept card payments anywhere. Using the mobile SIM card in the back of the machine, it connects wirelessly to mobile networks through GPRS so you can take payments on the move.

This type of card machine is popular with taxi drivers, delivery services, market tradespeople and anyone who needs to accept card payments when they’re not at a fixed location.

A Mobile Card Machine is very useful if you travel for business. Not only can you offer your customers more ways to pay, but you’re safer because you aren’t carrying large amounts of cash. On top of this, you also won’t have to wait for a cheque or transfer to be processed. Like Portable Card Machines, the Mobile comes with a long-life battery, so you can take up to a thousand transactions on a single charge.

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Going Contactless

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Whichever card machine you choose, choose a supplier that offers low rates, a superfast set-up in 3 working days, and a UK-based support team 24/7, should you ever need any help.

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