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How to accept cards in just 3 days

11 October 2018 Product Information

When you’re running a business, one thing always seems to be in short supply: time. It’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a fast, reliable service.

Your customers don’t expect to wait, and neither should you. Which is why we can have a card machine installed and ready to take payments for you in just three days.

It can take a bank weeks to do the same – and for a small business, that can have a dramatic impact on takings.


Speedy service. Quick facts.

If you’re starting out in business or unhappy with the service from your current payment provider, here are a few reasons to consider using Paymentsense.


We look after 70,000 small UK businesses

We’re the only payment provider to specialise in the needs of small businesses. It’s made us the UK’s fastest-growing payments processing company, trusted to handle over £6.5Bn in transactions annually.


The power of many

We harness the buying power of over 70,000 businesses to negotiate on your

behalf. By acting as one big merchant, we’re able to negotiate better rates and pass the savings on to you. That’s right: we save you time and money.


Go, from the get-go

All our card machines work, right out of the box. This plug’n’pay feature takes just moments to set up: unpack your machine, plug it in, follow a few on-screen prompts and you’re ready to take payments.


24/7 support

Should you have any queries or encounter any issues, don’t waste a moment: call our UK-based support service. It’s on hand 24 hours a day.


24 hour replacement service

If your card machine should fail to work properly, we’ll send you a replacement within 24 hours.


How to take card payments in three days (and just three steps)

If you’re sold on our service, there are just three steps to getting your card machine.


  1. Choose the most suitable way to accept card payments.

We offer card machines and Payment Gateways (they enable e-commerce, payment by phone and by email).


Card Machines

Our machines come ready to accept all credit and debit cards, Contactless payments, and Apple Pay and Android Pay. There are three kinds of card machine, and the biggest difference is portability.


Countertop machines

As the name suggests, these are suited for businesses where sales are made at a counter.


Portable machines

These are designed to be carried around (usually within 100 metres of a router), so they’re handy for cafes and restaurants.


Mobile card machines

These feature a pre-installed SIM, so can be used anywhere with a mobile signal. They’re ideal for those who travel to markets and events.


Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway opens further opportunities to ensure you never miss a sale, including:


  • Online payments (e-commerce)
  • Phone payments (also called a Virtual Terminal),
  • Pay-by-link (a discrete way to email a payment link customers).


  1. Request a free quote

There’s no business like your business, and that’s why we prefer to give you an individual quote.


Your quote will include standing fees like the monthly rental of your card machine, and transaction fees (usually a small percentage of each transaction). We don’t charge set-up fees – it’s just one of many ways we help small businesses thrive.


Other costs depend on your business type, turnover, and choice of card machine. Every business is different, so get in touch for an online quote. We’ll also help you choose the products and services best suited to your own needs.


  1. Start taking payments

You’ll receive your card machine within 72 hours of opening your account. (You can start taking card payments online and by phone within 24 hours of your account going live.)


In the box, you’ll find your card machine, a charging base station, power lead and Ethernet cable, a till roll, a supervisor card (used for refunds and end-of-day reconciliations) and even a window sticker so passers by will know you accept card payments. We’ve thought of everything.


That’s all there is to it: three steps and three days to taking payment. Read the following article to see how easy it is to use your card machine

Why wait? Take card payments in just 3 days.