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Card machine rental – All you need to know

6 December 2018 Product Information

To own, or not to own. That is the question faced by small business owners when they start thinking about how to process card payments.

Do you buy a card machine? Or is renting one a better idea?

We’re fans of renting, and for good reason: it makes our customers’ lives easier. When you rent a card machine, you don’t just get the card machine: you get support and backing from the UK’s biggest independent payments processor.


Hiring a card machine can give you more freedom than buying

We make sure that the 70,000 small business we look after don’t worry about their card machines breaking down, fret over software and firmware updates or the complexities of compliance. Renting helps keep their businesses open, and frees them to make their passion pay.


Why you may not buy into buying

  • It’s said that as soon as you buy a computer, it’s out of date. The same applies to card machines: once you buy one, you need to start looking after it.
  • If you’re confident about updating its software and firmware, and you’re happy to navigate PCI DSS compliance (all 300 questions), then buying may be best for you.
  • But what if it your card machine becomes damaged? You’ll need to repair or replace it – and while it’s out of action you’ll likely end up renting anyway – only at a high cost for a short period.
  • When you rent, these headaches go away. Not only this, but you can expect to find plenty of advantages to renting a card machine.


Top reasons why card machine rental is the best choice

You can expect choice

We offer numerous card machines, each suited to a particular business need.

Countertop card machines sit on a counter and are suited to businesses with a fixed point of sale, such as retail outlets, salons and take-aways.

Portable card machines use Bluetooth or wifi to let you take payment to your customers. They’re ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. Our lightweight terminals deliver heavyweight, day-long performance.

Mobile card machines contain a SIM card, making them perfect for businesses on the move like taxi companies, couriers, market traders and tradespeople. All that’s needed is a mobile signal.


You can expect a card machine within three working days

Whichever kind you choose, you can expect it to be delivered and ready to sync with your EPOS as soon as it’s switched on, within three working days.


You can expect low costs

As every business is different, it’s difficult for card processing companies to show costs up-front. Your turnover, annual transactions, the kind of card machine and number of them you’ll need… all influence the final cost. Handily, it only takes a few moments to request an accurate cost online.


You can expect financial help to switch

If you’re unhappy with your current payments provider, but trapped by a contract buy-out clause, we could contribute up to £3,000 to cover any fees.


You can expect low rates

We support over 70,000 small businesses, processing £10 billion in annual transactions. We leverage this to negotiate better deals with banks and pass the savings on to you.


You can expect brilliant support, day and night

Our UK-based technical support team are on hand 24-7 in case you encounter any issues with your card machine.


You can expect a replacement machine in under 24 hours

Should your card machine develop a fault, we’ll have a replacement with you in under 24 hours.


You can expect free performance reports

These weekly reports contain all the insight you need to make key decisions and run a better business.


You can expect bolt-on services that free your time

Along with our standard support, we offer bolt-on services to help make managing your business even easier. These include:

  • Auto till roll replacement – We’ll automatically send new rolls when your current ones are running low, so you’ll never run out.
  • PCI compliance – wading through 300 questions is complex and involving, and if not done right, can leave you liable for fines. We’ll take care of it for you, quickly and over the phone – and it’s valid for a year, saving you plenty of admin time.


You can expect an accurate quote within minutes

If we’ve persuaded you on the benefits of renting, why not request a quote?
Tell us a few details about your business and we can give you a precise figure. Click here to start – and don’t expect to wait long for an answer.

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