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Your money when you need it most

Getting your money tomorrow can be tricky when you have bills to pay today.

With instant transfers, you can access your money right away. It only takes a tap on the app. 

So, no more waiting for what's yours.

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Access your funds instantly

Your funds, in your account at the tap of a button. It’s as simple as that.

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Get a quick cash flow boost

Improve your working capital for paying bills, hiring staff or topping up stock.

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Keep your business moving

Don’t let unexpected expenses interrupt your business.

"We use it all the time to help with cash flow. It’s handy and nice to know your money is coming."
Sam Newey, Toby’s Treats

How it works

Moving your balance into your account is easy on the app.

  • Log into the Paymentsense app
  • Tap ‘Instant Transfers’ on the Summary page
  • Hit ‘Confirm’ to request your transfer
  • Your funds will be in your bank account within 20 minutes


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Standard transfers

If your money can wait, get it in 1-3 business days at no additional cost.

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Instant transfers

Get your money right away for a 1% fee per transaction.

Access your funds in an instant

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Instant transfers let you withdraw your available balance on demand - giving you access to your money within 20 minutes instead of several days.

You can use instant transfers anytime between 7am-8pm on Monday-Saturday.

You can only transfer your ‘Available to transfer’ balance. This will be slightly different to your net sales balance as we hold back a small amount for risk purposes. 

You’ll need a minimum net sales balance of £50 to use instant transfers.

You’ll be charged a 1% fee of the balance you transfer. This is shown before you confirm the transfer, and deducted at the point of transfer.

You’ll usually receive your funds within 20 minutes of confirming the transfer.