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Wellington Dental Practice: a gentler dental experience

12 June 2019 Featured Business

Nicholas Webster first dreamed of being a dentist when he was just six years old. “I used to love going there and sitting in the big chair. It was a bit like Star Trek.” Not everyone shares his nostalgia for childhood dental appointments, but then not every surgery is like his either. “I have it set up in a relaxing, calming way – almost a spa feel – which helps patients relax and makes conversation easier.” Less calming were his problems with cashing up. “I thought there must be a better way to integrate our dental software with a payment provider.”

Switching to Paymentsense “Moving over to Paymentsense was really easy. They paid our cancellation fees to our previous provider and came in and switched everything over. It was literally plug and play.” The convenience of Connect integrated payments especially impressed him. “The receptionist just clicks a button and the information goes straight from the computer to the card machine which eliminates any risk of our receptionist tapping in the wrong numbers.” He likes the customer service too. “You can call somebody up – a real person – and get a real answer back.” Overall, he’s very happy. “I’d absolutely recommend Paymentsense to any other small to medium-sized business. The team are really easy to work with and you get excellent service.”

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