How your other half lives – couples finances survey

Data Insights 16 February 2017

You can confidently recall your partner’s most embarrassing childhood moment, name their favourite meal and their celebrity crush, but what do you know about their finances?

At Paymentsense, we are dedicated to providing businesses with PDQ, chip and pin and card machines across the UK, but this Valentine’s Day, there’s a very different type of love being shared all over the country. And yet, even with all that love, there’s a hint of secrecy around couples and their spending habits.

We quizzed 2,000 Brits to find out if they are honest with their other halves about their spending and uncovered a few white lies in the process. Here is the list:

51% of women claim they never lie to their partner about what they spend.
5% of Brits who have been with their partner under a year have been secretive about buying things for another lover.
47% of Brits aged 25–34 claim they never lie to their partner about what they spend.
43% of women say they trust their partner with their credit card.
43% of Brits say they trust their partner with their credit card.
40% of women admit to telling their partner little white lies about what they spend.
40% of Brits in a relationship that’s been going for 1–3 years think their partner is untruthful about their spending.
34% of Brits aged 35–44 will happily hand their partner their credit card.
31% of men think their partner tells fibs about what they spend.
30% of Brits believe their partner is untruthful about their spending.
29% of Brits say they know their partner’s PIN number.
28% of married Brits say they don’t have a joint bank account.
25% of men say their partner knows their online banking details.
24% of Brits in a new relationship under a year have fibbed to their partner about how much they spend on cigarettes.
23% of women admit they have lied to their partner about how much they spend on clothes.
23% of men hide their alcohol spend from their partner.
23% of Londoners admit their partner’s pay packet makes them feel inadequate.
16% of women hide what they spend on make-up from their partner.
15% of men admit they don’t tell their partner exactly how much they spend in the pub watching sport.
15% of 18–24-year-olds admit they save less than what they tell their other halves.
14% of people in the South West have a secret stash of money they don’t let on about.
12% of women secretly save more money than they tell their partners.
11% percent of Brits say their partner lies more than they do about their spending.
11% of men confess to not coming clean to their partner about the cost of having their hair done.

When it comes to love and money, it can be a blissful arrangement between two trusting lovers or there can be lies and deceit at every turn. Which one are you? Is your partner an angel of honesty or have those big wide eyes have ever told little white lies? And where do you stand in relation to the wider British public?

Think you know how your other half lives? It may be time to think again!

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