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Could you do more to engage YouTube’s users?

29 April 2014 Small Business Advice

When you’re considering your brand’s social media strategy, it is highly likely you will be planning to set up Facebook and Twitter pages, while LinkedIn and Google+ are all proving increasingly popular among businesses.

However, one channel that is often overlooked is YouTube and a new infographic from Fullscreen highlights the value of establishing a presence on the video-sharing site.

In addition to being the world’s second-largest search engine – beaten only by Google – YouTube has more than one billion monthly active users and viewers watch more than 6 billion hours of content each month.

This equates to just under an hour for almost every person on the planet and with statistics like this, it is easy to see the potential the site holds for businesses. Indeed, the infographic shows the top 100 global brands have, since 2009, published 258,000 videos, attracting a total of more than 9.5 billion views.

It might not seem so at first, but the premise behind operating as a brand on YouTube is basically very similar to Facebook and Twitter – you amass connections by publishing content that is engaging. You can then market to these consumers in the future.

In fact, Fullscreen argues the process works even better with videos, as you can quickly build up a dedicated following who are likely to engage with and share the content.

Furthermore, a large number of users will take to other social media sites to spread videos they are impressed by and don’t forget you can also share this content on your brand’s Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.


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