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Build a website and you’ll double your sales

23 April 2014 Data Insights

Effectively merging and utilising both online and offline retail methods can significantly increase the amount a consumer spends at your store.

This is according to a new infographic published by ReferralCandy today (April 24th), which shows omnichannel consumers spend 93 per cent more than those who shop exclusively online or in physical stores.

Omnichannel retail is all about combining the separate e-commerce and offline marketing and sales routes.

For these purposes, we consider online to include the internet, telephone, mobile apps and advertising on TV or radio, while offline elements comprise in-person transactions, direct mail and even the use of vending machines.

Whereas the most significant aspect of e-commerce in the early days of the internet was simply to offer an alternative sales method and pick up on consumers that do not enter your physical store, the focus has now shifted considerably.

Building a brand has become essential and this has blurred the lines between the differing marketing and retail methods, resulting in the growing prevalence of omnichannel.

It’s clear to see the benefits of this approach too, with the infographic highlighting the fact consumers who engage with a range of both online and offline approaches spending as much as 208 per cent more than those who shop exclusively in physical stores.

So how can you ensure you are achieving the best possible results through your marketing efforts across all channels?

The infographic presents a series of tips that will help retailers develop a strong omnichannel presence, including making sure social media content is targeted and leading consumers through the channels.

Even if your business’ focus is predominantly on the physical store, it is still highly beneficial to attempt to capture a customer’s email address, perhaps by asking them if they would like to be sent an electronic version of their receipt. This allows you to track their shopping behaviour and build a profile that can be used to shape both online and offline marketing efforts. Here come those tips.

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