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Bierkeller: bringing Bavarian-style beer drinking to British cities

12 June 2019 Featured Business

Why should Germans have all the fun? Now you can enjoy all the thrills (and beer spills) of the Munich Oktoberfest right here in the UK. The Bierkeller offers an authentically raucous experience. Revellers sit at long wooden tables and order German beers in 2 pint stein glasses or table top kegs, to the lively accompaniment of an oompah brass band. The first bar opened in 2010 and they now operate in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottingham. To accompany the brews, there’s also a menu of tasty Teutonic treats – a small but profitable extension of the experience.

Bierkeller and Paymentsense

Bierkeller has been using their current EPOS system for about 18 months. Having helped set it up, Peter is very familiar with how it works and the system behind it. He signed up with Paymentsense having been impressed with their better value rates. However, he also really appreciates the value of integrated payments. “It’s easier for staff to do transactions behind the bar and a timesaver at the end of the day.” Peter remembers only too well the difficulties they had with reconciliation before using Connect. “If there were errors, you’d have to work out where it had gone. Every week – especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we would be £300-400 out. It was a nightmare.” The problem has now been completely eradicated. “It’s perfect the figures reflect what we’ve got in the tills, whether it’s card receipts or cash, and everything marries up and reconciles perfectly.” So they can all go home. “Yes, life is much less stressful when you don’t have to work out where the money’s gone at 3am in the morning.”


“It’s easier for staff to do transactions behind the bar and a timesaver at the end of the day.”

Peter Robinson, Sales Director

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