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Only 19% of brands tweet at the weekends!

27 April 2014 Data Insights

Did you know that less than one-fifth (19 per cent) of brands use Twitter over a weekend? This is despite the fact engagement is 17 per cent higher at the end of the working week.

These facts are highlighted in this infographic published by 123Print UK, which is the basis for the firm’s ‘Ultimate Guide to Mastering Twitter for Business’.

According to latest available data, the social media site has more than 500 million users and there are thought to be around 132,000 people joining each day. It is, therefore, easy to see why marketers are increasingly exploring the benefits of Twitter.

In addition to the suggestion that firms should be attempting to use the site over the weekend – even if this is by utilising the option to schedule tweets in advance – the infographic also shows why businesses should be looking to include images in their messages where possible.

Perhaps explained by the fact that some 90 per cent of the information processed by the brain is visual, it shows tweets containing pictures generally receive 200 per cent more favourites and 150 per cent more retweets than those without images.

Furthermore, messages containing an image generally encourage 90 per cent more clicks – a statistic that could be vital in driving traffic to your site.

It is also suggested you attempt to keep the messages as concise as possible. Although the site imposes a 140 character limit on tweets, those between 111 and 125 characters receive 34 per cent more retweets. This is because such posts allow room for comments, replies and retweets from other users.

The research also indicates you should not be afraid of asking your followers to retweet your messages. Tweets containing the phrase ‘please retweet’ are reposted by an average of 59 per cent of users, while 39 per cent do the same for those including ‘please RT’. However, just 11 per cent of people retweet a post that does not have either.


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