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We work with partner companies to provide some of your payment services. 

In addition to Paymentsense, your account is also supported by acquiring bank, Valitor, and a terminal services provider. 

Each month you will receive two Direct Debits and one merchant statement for each merchant account. 

  1. Direct Debit from Paymentsense - authorisation fees, PCI and account extras 
  2. Direct Debit from Paytek or FDGL - terminal services 
  3. Merchant statement from Valitor - card rate charges


This page contains the following information: 


Fees and charges summary 


 Billed by 



Rates charges 

Paid to Valitor via net settlement.  For each card transaction, your pay a rate that is calculated as a percentage of the transaction value. This rate is compromised of our costs, as well as interchange and assessment fees. 

Varies depending on card and transaction type. See your agreement for details. 

Refund fees 

Paid to Valitor via net settlement. 

Charged per refund transaction.

50c per transaction

Authorisation fees

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

Charged for each electronic request for the authorisation of a card transaction.  

3.95c per authorisation 

Monthly Discount Plan

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

Access to our discounted rates package to give you unlimited transactions at lower rates. You also get free access to Valitor’s online reporting system, Saga. 

€19.99 per month

PCI Management 

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

We support your compliance with PCI DSS with access to our PCI Portal. 

€4.95 per month 

PCI Phone Validation Service 

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

This is an optional service where our team of specialists will help you become PCI compliant over the phone. 

€3.12 per month

PCI Non-Compliance 

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

PCI DSS compliance is an industry-wide requirement. If your business fails to attest compliance with PCI DSS, you are subject to penalty. How to become compliant.

€25 per non-compliant month 

Till rolls 

Monthly Paymentsense Direct Debit

This is an optional service where we calculate when you’re low on till rolls and send you a new box so you never run out

€19.95 per box

Terminal services 

Monthly Direct Debit by Paytek or First Data Global Leasing 

The monthly price for use, support and maintenance of your card machine. 

See your agreement for details

Interchange and assessment fees  

The rate you pay for card transactions rates is comprised of Paymentsense costs and industry fees set by the major card schemes (Visa and Mastercard). 

You can view the interchange and scheme fees you pay per transaction in Saga.


What is net settlement?


The charge for processing the card payment is deducted from the transaction value before it's transferred into your bank account (this is known as net settlement). 

Example: You make a sale worth $5.00 via a Visa Debit card. If your agreed rate for Visa Debit cards is 1.0% then the charge is 5c. This means $4.95 will be deposited into your account. 

You can view your settlement history and monthly settlement statements in Saga.   


How do I view my invoices and statements? 


Valitor statement

  1. Log in to Saga
  2. Click on the Menu icon at the top left of the page and select ‘Electronic Documents’. 
  3. You will see your list of statements. Select the document you want to view and then select ‘Download Document’.


Paymentsense invoice

You will receive a monthly invoice for each merchant account you have with Paymentsense and a separate Direct Debit for each invoice. The Direct Debit reference is Paymentsense. To view your Paymentsense invoices, visit the Paymentsense Billing Portal

How to create an account

  1. Click here to create an account. 
  2. A login window will appear. Select ‘New to Paymentsense Ltd? 'Sign up'.
  3. Use your registered email address* to create your account.
  4. You’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to set your password. Follow the link in the email to sign in.

*Your registered email address is the primary email contact on your Paymentsense Agreement.  

How to view an invoice 

  1. Log in in to your account. 
  2. Select ‘Your Account’. You will see any outstanding balances. 
  3. Under ‘Invoices and Receipts’ you can view and download your latest invoice.
  4. To print an invoice, click on the payment transaction line to display the invoice with details of the payment, and then click 'Print' to open the invoice in a print friendly view.


Terminal services statement

Paytek or First Data Global Leasing (FDGL) will manage your terminal services.

They will Direct Debit your account once per month and send you an annual VAT statement via email or post.