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They’re living life on their own terms. You can too.

Being a self-employed Payments Consultant with Paymentsense means many things. It’s about building a sustainable career. It’s about living life on your terms. And it’s an opportunity to get significant rewards providing you make the effort. In this video, three of our Payments Consultants share their experience, their insights and the transformation they’ve seen in their lives.

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I started my journey with Paymentsense just over a year ago now and I can safely and honestly say I have never looked back since.
I've been able to build a sustainable career with the company and I've set an analogy around my business and very simply that is, doing a deal a day - no matter how big or small that sale is.
I am proud to say I have had a 320% year-on-year growth in my earnings.
There is lots of support in different areas. There is marketing collateral available and there are sales tools to assist you in your role.
The benefits of being self-employed is that we are able to be our own boss, so the efforts we put in, we get completely rewarded for. 
Personally over the last 12 months, Paymentsense has allowed me to half pay off my mortgage and put a big savings pot aside for my one year old - and I have got a lot more time than I used to.
The level of earnings now has increased so dramatically, but I have actually got more time to spend with my family.
My outlook on self-employment is as long as you put the effort in, there is no reason why you can't do well.

Flexible working. Enviable earning. Sold yet?

Talk about right place, right time. We’re in a golden age of card payments, small businesses are booming and dissatisfaction with banks is at an all-time high. And here we are with a product that capitalises on all of the above.

At Paymentsense, we’re all about making card payments fast, easy and affordable for small and medium businesses. Which puts us in a very good place. We need great sales people like you to spread our message. It could be the easiest sell you ever make.

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Be your own boss

Here’s a thought: what if you didn't have to choose between flexible hours and decent earnings? Our sales agents manage their own work life balance and earn commissions like a boss.

Uncapped Earnings

We’re in the business of getting people paid and we’ll make it rain for you too. Expect an average commission of £350 per deal paid daily and earning potential of £50k p.a. minimum.

Get the best training and support

Our training is recognised as the industry pinnacle. We won’t just demo and dash: you’ll get the best support when you need it, as long you need it. All while selling something that could sell itself? Win-win.

Interested in joining our self-employed sales team?

Meet your new sales partner

Why us? We’re winning awards all over the shop for our tech, service and super-speedy growth. Now we’re looking for self-employed Sales Agents to be a part of our story. And what a story it could be. You’ll be talking to businesses who want better card payments and a fairer deal too.

You’ll be in full control of your diary, earning top commissions. And you’ll have the opportunity to explore different roles too.


What We Offer

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Our Training Academy

Our in-house training is your Sales 101, the A to Z of smart persuasion. You get the tools you need to find customers, close deals, max your commission and build your business. You'll also have time to fire questions at your Manager and Coach and hobnob with other sales folk.


Same-Day Invoicing

You want to get paid on time. So we make sure your invoice is sent the same day of the sale. You can quote us on that. Our commission is the most generous in the industry, so you'll be flush in a flash. After all, getting people paid is what we do.


Ongoing training

Get the help you need to bring your sales A-game. We give you face-to-face and phone coaching from other super star sellers. Dip into webinars, e-learning programs and access a suite of digital learning materials anytime.

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Qualified Appointments

Prove yourself and our team of tele-appointers will be your allies at base camp. They work hard to get you a foot in the door, finding businesses who’d appreciate a visit. They ’ll qualify the appointment and put the time and date in your calendar (dependent on performance). All you do is turn up and turn on the charm.

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Industry-leading Tech

Some companies leave their sales people to it. We arm you with digital tools. They're a doddle to use - on tablet, phone or laptop. You can manage deals and report on how your sales are adding up. Everything is paperless and updates in real time.

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Making a difference

Imagine selling a product that really makes a tangible difference to small business owners? We've got something that saves businesses money, time and hassle, while making sure they get paid to do what they love. It's hardly a hard sell.

Sold on a career in sales?

Sales is just the start

Where will Paymentsense take you? You could begin in Sales and stay there. But don’t worry: we’re not short of choices. You always have options to manage, coach or build your own concession. Here are a few examples of people who beat their own path with our help.

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The Seller

Before Paymentsense, I came from a Customer Service and HR background. I was working part-time to work around my young family.

I decided to move into Sales with Paymentsense because of the flexibility it gave me with my work/life balance and for the new challenge.

It took a couple of months to get into the role but once I started earning I was able to commit to the role full time and haven't looked back. I have built up a team and supported new Consultants coming in to the area as well as being able to do the amount of work I want to do.

Rachel Strange

Payments Consultant, UK & ROI


The Manager

I previously worked at Barclays, spending 5 years as a Business Manager. I gave this up to come to Paymentsense as self employed Business Development Manager. I’d never worked for myself before, now I’d never go back to a perm role.

I’ve have been here for 6 years, I joined in October, and was promoted to coach in January. I quickly built up a team and I love the opportunities the company offers.

I think everyone’s pulling in the same direction, everyone gets to put ideas forward and everyone gets listened to.

Susannah Buckett

Regional Sales Manager, Field South

A glimpse of your future?

A typical day for a sales agent, as told by an actual seller.


Look at the areas to visit and create a plan.


Attend your first appointment.


Cold call the area afterwards and take ownership of the merchants on Mothership.


Move area and attend another appointment. Cold call off-licences, cafés, and convenience stores.


Sign up a couple of deals, then cold call any nearby industrial estates.


Start the terminal installations, then try warming up merchants for referrals.


Cold call takeaways and restaurants.


Arrive home, tired, happy and, of course, well-rewarded.

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Sold on a career in sales?

The Academy

Our training is recognised as the very best in the game. Whether you’re sales vet or a newbie, our Academy course will arm you with all the tools you need to sell businesses on our smart tech and top customer service. You’ll get a proper insight into the market, and learn all about the huge advantages we offer over competitors. You’ll share our passion and you walk into every appointment with the confidence you get from a really strong offer. You’ll be ready, prepared and set to earn the first of many commissions. Let’s do this…


We’re more interested in providing great service, but it’s always nice to be noticed.

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Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

This is a list of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies. And we’re on it for the fifth time in a row after winning the Outstanding Business Award.

Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

This is a roundup of Britain’s top private companies with the fastest-growing international sales and we’re on the list.

Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

Having previously won Growth Business of the Year, we were shortlisted for Innovation Award and Customer Focus Award. And we couldn’t be prouder.

Inc. 5000 Europe

Out of the millions of companies that operate in Europe, we were on the list of fastest-growing private companies. For the second consecutive year.


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