10 reasons why people follow your brand on Twitter

Data Insights 8 April 2014

Social media has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and these days it seems like not a week goes by without a story of a brand wittily engaging with a customer on Twitter going viral.

Early last month, the @ArgosHelpers handle of the high-street retailer quickly gained more than 1,500 new followers after it used a series of slang terms to reply in kind to an enquiry presented in this manner.

Now, an infographic published by Twitter has highlighted research conducted by Nielsen, which discovered 59 per cent of UK users of the social media site follow a number of brands.


Furthermore, the group found consumers are keen to hear more from these brands, indicating there is huge potential for firms to interact with their audience and capture additional business in this way.

The research consistently reveals a desire among users for further engagement, with 22 per cent following gaming brands and more than three-fifths (62 per cent) indicating they would like to hear more from accounts such as these in the future.

Contrary to what you may expect, this is not restricted to sectors heavily involved in technology and likely to appeal to a younger audience, as ten per cent follow financial brands and 40 per cent harbour a desire for more.

As part of the survey, Nielsen asked users why they chose to follow brands on Twitter and 55 per cent said it is because they like the company. In addition, 52 per cent want to be made aware of any special offers or promotions and 51 per cent are keen to stay up to date with the brand’s latest news.

This highlights the ways in which you can keep your consumers engaged and drive additional business through the social media platform.

Indeed, the infographic also highlights the fact that only 38 per cent of those who follow brands are current customers, suggesting there is a large amount of potential to sway users who may be struggling to decide between rival companies.

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