The PDQ card machine

Product Information 25 June 2012

A PDQ machine is something that you will see on your travels many times each day, especially if you go shopping a lot. It’s simply a machine that takes payments from debit and credit cards. It has become very popular over the last ten or so years and has virtually taken over the world of payments altogether. People are using their debit cards more and more these days. Whether this is because more and more businesses have decided to use PDQ machines or whether it’s simply because the debit card is more convenient and easy to use is undecided, but we can be sure that the rise of the PDQ machine has certainly encouraged greater debit and credit card use at least a little.

 How do they work?

The PDQ card machines works by taking the details from the customer’s debit or credit card, reads them and verifies funds are available via a secure internet connection. The PDQ card machine will usually be plugged into a broadband connection so the whole process is very quick, but basically it goes like this:

The payment card is inserted into the PDQ card machine

The personal identification number (PIN) is entered

The payment is sent via the payment processor to the card issuing bank to verify funds are available

If the funds are there the payment is taken and will be deposited into the retailer’s business bank account as soon as possible

As we said, this is done very quickly, in fact, it takes seconds.

 How to get a PDQ card machine

Getting a PDQ card machine isn’t difficult at all. All you need to do is sign up with an independent payment processor and they will set you up with a merchant account and all the hardware (PDQ machines) you need to start taking card payments. There are three main different PDQ card machines you can get:

1. Static terminal. These are the type of PDQ card machines you find in the majority of retail outlets on the high street. This is permanently connected to the mains supply and broadband.

2. Cordless terminal. This is the type of PDQ card machine can be unplugged and used within certain range of its broadband connection as long as it is charged up regularly. This is perfect for restaurants and coffee shops who like to take the payment process to the table.

3. Mobile terminal. This PDQ card machine is able to take payments virtually anywhere. It relies on a mobile broadband connection. The payment processor you sign up with should be able to help you with the type of PDQ card machines you will need and they’ll more than likely lease hire them to you too.

In conclusion

Everyone is so used to using PDQ card machines that if you’re a business that actually doesn’t use them you will soon begin to stand out. You need to consider that people generally want to use their debit and credit cards to make payment these days and they’re likely to shop elsewhere if they can’t use them.


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