Working from home: the advantages and disadvantages

Small Business Advice 22 December 2011

Running a business isn’t easy no matter where you operate, but many people are turning towards working from home as a viable and cost-effective solution to running their own business.It doesn’t matter what your business is, it could be an internet based business, creative services, or even mail order. This article outlines some distinct advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Some of the main reasons people decide to work from home:

A drastically improved work station. When you work from home, it doesn’t really matter how neat and tidy things are, you have the luxury of keeping your own desk and not having to share anything with anyone. Enjoy this and absolute quiet when you want it.

Save time and money on travelling, parking and other related expenses.

No premises costs and no extra bills to pay.

Working from home allows you to be flexible with family commitments, etc. If you are needed then you are available.

However, to balance these advantages out a little, there are some distinct disadvantages about working from home too:

Occasionally, if you’re not disciplined enough, it can be very hard to keep family life separate from your work. This is particularly pertinent if you have small children around the house and are obliged to work weekends and evenings.

Work can become very difficult to switch off. One good thing about going away to work is that you are forced to leave your work behind you. Sadly, when you work from home, your work stays with you wherever you are and you can often be tempted to continue when you should be relaxing or spending time with the family.

Working from home can sometimes be quite a lonely existence if you are not required to get out and about meeting people on regular occasions.

To conclude:

Some valid points have been made above and it is important to consider them seriously before you set up a business from home. You should also consider other people, like your neighbours, for example. If you are going to receive regular deliveries or visitors every day and you live in a residential area you could cause a problem.

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