The benefits of hiring part-time employees

Small Business Advice 1 November 2011

Hiring part-time employees has some distinct advantages. Not all businesses need to hire full-time employees, particularly when expanding. To hire a full-time employee is a considerable cost and commitment and if you don’t have the work for your employee to do you may not get value for money.

Some of the main benefits

  • You get much more choice when it comes to recruiting part-time employees. The job market opens right up because you are able to employ those who couldn’t usually work full-time, like people with children etc.
  • Family-friendly hours can be offered. This is very desirable to many of the new people you will get applying.
  • Keeps wages to a minimum. It’s always best to hire someone part-time and give them a full workload than have a full-time employee twiddling their thumbs looking for something to do.
  • You can keep your business ready to act upon demand. Employing part-time workers to do weekend and evening work is a great way to meet orders during peak times.
  • You can reduce the costs of overtime payments to existing employees and reduce their workload by hiring a part timer to do the extra hours.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a part-time member of staff, and the recruitment costs and training are the same as if you were hiring someone full-time. However, what you need to understand here is that there is an easy mistake to make. If you are hiring two or more people to do the hours normally allocated to a full-time employee, your initial costs could be much higher.

 Offering the right hours and being flexible

If you’re going to employ someone from the job market who can only work part-time hours it’s important to understand what type of person this is likely to be and to tailor your position to suit them. For example, you are likely to get many parents applying for part-time work, but they are not likely to be able to work school holidays or evenings. Once you know how these potential workers get around problems (for instance, school times), you will be in a better position to advertise your position and find the right person for the job.

Remember that you can also job share positions to two different people able to do different hours. It may be a little complicated to work out the logistics, but once you have it sorted out this can be a very agreeable work relationship for all involved.

 To conclude

Don’t neglect the part-time workers out there ready to work. These individuals are just as capable and many are very highly qualified, often coming from full-time employment to have families. Consider the advantages of hiring these workers and consider whether you could save money doing so.


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