New ways to attract people to your market stall

Small Business Advice 24 October 2010

If you’re a trader on the markets, you are sure to get around a bit. But how do you accept payments? I would imagine that it is mostly cash, isn’t it? Well, it needn’t be that way.

How can I get new customers to my stall?

When you set up your stall in the morning take a little time to examine your competitors. These include everyone around your market stall, not just those that sell the same goods and services you do. You are probably more than already aware that many people who shop on market stalls are browsers and often buy on impulse; they don’t know what they want, you show them what you have!

So this makes every other market stall a competitor and since you can’t really compete with prices when you are all selling different goods and services, there is really only one way that you can make your market stall more attractive than theirs. The change does not need to be in how much your customers pay, it has to be in how they make their payment.

How can I improve the way people pay on my market stall?

You simply allow them to pay like they would pay for anything else in this day and age, by using their debit card. These days you can accept debit and credit cards anywhere, even on market stalls across the country. The debit card terminals you would use on your market stall are not like those you see in the shops or even those you see in restaurants that they bring to your table, these ones are GPRS tracking machines. All you need to use one of these mobile card machines is a mobile phone network and a merchant account with a payment processing provider.

Watch the customers flock to your market stall.

Once you set up your card terminal and you are connected to a broadband network you are switched on all the time and can take payments literally anywhere you go. If you display signs that tell your customers that you accept debit and credit cards you are sure to get much more business.

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