Marketing for your coffee shop

Small Business Advice 13 February 2012

Coffee shops are big business in the 21st century and they’re sure to become even bigger. The culture has become enormous, and the coffee shop is the preferred meeting and get-together point for many people, whether they’re shopping or meeting for business purposes.

Contactless card machines are a must have for coffee shops.
There is so much you can do for your business if you have an independent coffee shop, but you must not forget to market your new ideas effectively; this way you will maximise your profits. Marketing a coffee shop isn’t always easy because there are so many these days, but we’ve put together a brief article that covers a few good ideas you can take away and put into action.

Use street advertising

This is usually a notice of some sort outside your shop. Chalk boards work very well and it’s surprising how many people do actually read them as they walk by. Consider shouting about things like new cakes, or perhaps flavours for your coffee.


Make your shop name your brand and have it plastered all over your cups and saucers, serviettes etc. If you think about places like Starbucks or Costa Coffee you’ll see that they do the same. It can make you look more professional and you’re also sure to stick in the mind of your customer.

Loyalty Schemes

We’re not going to tell you the exact one to use, but there are a lot of ideas you can use for loyalty schemes. How about a card that accumulates points that are redeemed against your future purchases, or one that gets stamped every time your customer buys a cup of coffee; or perhaps a free cake with every three drinks or something’ Once you begin to offer these schemes you will be surprised how many people go for them. Your customers love getting things for free and reward and loyalty cards are very popular.


If you have regular promotions you will be sure to get your regular customers’ attention and attract new people. Occasional promotions won’t be that useful, you need to get people realising that you do one every week or every month. See if you can get your suppliers involved in this and they may offer you stock at discounted rates if you promote their products.

Community involvement

Get yourself and your business involved with the local community. This means a lot of things, but most importantly is to be an active part of local events and fundraisers. You can perhaps supply free hot drinks at a fete or a public meeting’ Getting involved with the community can also extend to working with other businesses and individuals. It’s always good to make friends with the local businesses in the area because everyone drinks coffee right’ A good coffee shop on the high street can do a lot of business.

Internet presence

Although it may not seem like a great idea to begin with, you could set your business up with a website page and perhaps a Facebook page. These are all good to promote yourself and your brand, and you can also let your customers know about new promotions and offers that are about to come to your shop.

Be child friendly

If you’re going to have a coffee shop make sure you have enough room for pushchairs and are child friendly. When most people have gone off to their jobs in the middle of the morning, the local parents with young children are a good target audience. Perhaps consider having a play area or something that will attract parents to bring their children.


Remember that not all marketing has to be done in a local newspaper, on the internet or elsewhere, there is a lot you can do actually in your shop that won’t cost you the earth. Implement the small, inexpensive marketing ideas first and see what results they yield before plunging into all of them at once. Effective marketing can begin as quite an expensive operation if you don’t take your time and record the results.


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