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Product Information 22 September 2010

If you have a hairdressing business of any kind, whether it’s mobile or shop-based you can always increase your business if you don’t accept credit and debit cards. If you already do accept debit and credit cards, you can still review what you are getting from your current payment processing supplier.

 Why should I accept debit cards in my hairdressing salon?

You may think that hairdressing is pretty much a cash industry, and you would have been correct many years ago. However, now that there are so many different styles of salon across the country, both big name chains, and smaller less well-known businesses, there is even more reason to look closely at the way you get paid. You must also consider that the average haircut or re-style will cost a lot more than it used to, and not everyone likes to carry that sort of cash on them all the time.

There are also occasions when the customer may not even be aware of how much their hairdressing appointment is going to cost them; extras can sometimes get added, and no-one wants to get caught without enough money in their pocket. Also, sometimes hairdressing will cost a lot of money and the customer may want to use credit to pay; the only way you can help them to do this is to have card machines that allow you to accept credit card payments.

Are other hairdressers accepting card payments?

It is very important to consider your competition when it comes to a business in the beauty industry. There are always new improvements, fashions and obviously styles that you need to keep on top of, but if you take a moment to review the way you accept payment you may only have to do this once. You can bet that many of your competitors are already using debit card machines in their place of business, and if you don’t accept cards then you really should consider the benefits associated with them.

How easy is it to switch my current payment processor and how much will it cost?

This can be a very easy process indeed. You usually need to do absolutely nothing, and in the majority of cases, you can even keep the same business bank account. The only change is in the person you pay your merchant fees to, and the person who supplies you with your hardware (your debit card machines). Many independent payment processing companies can cut your merchant fees by offering you varying length contracts and capped fees. This means that, depending on how long you sign up for, you will only pay an agreed fee on your retail transactions for the period of the contract.

 What are the benefits of accepting credit card payments?

Here are a few key benefits for you and your customers:

  • Safe and secure payment method with minimum fraud risk.
  • Convenient for your customer. They don’t have to go around the corner to a cash machine to get money. Remember, that if they do this they may well find somewhere else to have their hair done!
  • Some customers may wish to pay for their hairdressing by using credit. Not everyone has money in their bank account throughout the month, so allowing someone to get their hair done on credit lets them pay at the end of the month.
  • Less cash stored on the premises and less risk of being robbed by your staff or others.

So it does pay to consider the way you are paid, and to accept credit cards seems to be a pretty sensible solution. Remember that unlike all the other things you need to consider when running hairdressers, you will perhaps only have to review your payment processing once. For more information have a look at our card machines for beauty salons and how credit card payments work.

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