Light, Airy Italian Style loaf



Rustic, Classic French Baguette - Flute


Pain de Campagne - Small

White Country Style French Loaf - Round - Light Texture


Pain de Campagne - Large

White Country Style French Loaf - Round - Light Texture


White Sourdough - Small

Crusty open texture White Sour - Oval


White Sourdough - Large

Crusty open texture White Sour - Oval


Wholemeal Sourdough - Small

100% Wholemeal Sour - Round, Crusty open texture


Wholemeal Sourdough - Large

100% Wholemeal Sour - Round Crusty open texture


Light Rye & Caraway

Crusty light Rye & Caraway loaf - Oval/Split


Pumpkin Seeded Spelt

Seeded 100% Splelt Flours, low gluten content - Tin Loaf


Rustic Granary

Light, Crusty Granary Loaf - Oval


Demi Baguette

Rustic, Classic French Demi Baguette


Ciabatta Roll

Light, Airy Italian Style Roll


Five Seeded Wholemeal

Crusty Seeded Wholemeal Loaf - Oval/Split


Pastries & Sweets

Plain Croissant

Light, Buttery, Classic French Croissant


Almond Croissant

Light, Buttery, Almond Croissant


Pain au Chocolat

Classic, Rich, Buttery Pain au Chocolat


Pain aux Raisin

Buttery, Rich, Almond & Raisin Swirl


Cinnamon Butter Twist

Moist, Buttery Cinnamon Twist


Sausage Roll

Classic Sausage Roll, made with Buttery, Flaky Puff Pastry


Vegetarian Sausage Roll

Spiced Butterbean & Sweet Potato, with a light Buttery, Flaky Puff Pastry


Whole Quiche - 6 Portion

Vegetarian Quiche, Flavour changes daily


Whole Quiche - 10 Portion

Vegetarian Quiche, Flavour changes daily


Flapjack - Slice

Moist Vegan Flapjack


Chocolate Brownie

Moist, Rich, Gluten Free, Chocolate & Walnut Brownie


Carrot Cake

Moist, Rich Carrot Cake - Contains Nuts, Cream Cheese Frosting


Maple Pecan Cookie

Moist, Oatty Pecan & Sutana Cookie


Chocolate Cookie

Moist, Rich, Double Chocolate Cookie


Florentine - Slice

Classic Honey Florentine, contains Almonds



Retail Coffee - 250g Bag

House Blend Coffee - Whole Bean or Ground


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