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Disclaimer: Please ask for any allergen information when ordering. As we do use wheat flour in our kitchen we can’t guarantee that our GF pizzas have zero gluten. However utmost care is taken to keep GF pizzas separate from normal ones.

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Festive Special Pizza

Santa is vibing now! The tree is up on the town meadow and we are feeling festive, so much so that we've decided to launch our first ever festive pizza! Come down to sample and listen to Santa sing Bruno Mars; we aren't sure why he does but that's okay. Can't wait to see you there!


Rich tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar blend, shredded turkey, red onion, bacon, sage and garlic oil.



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Rita - Margherita (V)

11-12” base, rich tomato sauce, mozzarella/cheddar blend, oregano and basil


Toni - Pepperoni

11-12” base, rich tomato sauce, mozzarella/cheddar blend and pepperoni


Godminster Special

with smoked Godminster cheddar, sun dried tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms.


Vera (Vegan)

11-12”, tomato sauce, sun dried toms, peppers, mushroom, olives and vegan cheese


Hidden Pizza

11-12”,tomato sauce, pancetta, pepperoni, sun dried toms, blue cheese and rocket


Gluten Free Pizza Base

All pizzas can be made with a GF base. Choose pizza and then add GF base



Cheesy Garlic Bread with Rosemary


Pot of Olives



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Diet Coke


Rio Tropical






Bottled Water 500ml



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Chocolate Brownie


Ice Lolly



Iced Coffee


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